is helping 4,2000 people facing homelessness and incarceration in St. Louis

Our Mission

Humanitri, as Christ’s hands of mercy, helps families facing homelessness achieve stability in a safe and supportive community, providing the skills and resources they need to thrive.

Our Work Happens By

Preventing Homelessness and Recidivism

  • Ensure sustainable housing and direct interventions through 18-24 months case coordination in law enforcement, substance abuse, medical care, employment, shelters and mental health.

Restoring Families

  • Reunify families after incarceration
  • Teach healthy relationships after domestic violence and addiction
  • Provide therapeutic and trauma counseling to families after homelessness

Permanently Housing

  • Provide rent assistance to active clients committed to life-change.

Establishing Employment

  • Partner with employers to provide second changes to clients after felonies, addictions, high school non-completion.