The Problem


St. Louis has the
7th highest
incarceration rate in the nation with ____ inmates/year
likelihood of homelessness after incarceration, as unemployment rate is 72% after incarceration
cost of incarceration in Missouri: 1 inmate, 1 year

The Solution

Next Steps Home Ex-Offender Program positions 50 re-entering citizens/year for stability.  The highest risk period for recidivism is 1-6 months post-release.  Ex-offenders are referred to Humanitri from federal and state holding centers approximately 6-8 weeks post-release.

Our Work Happens By

Permanently Housing Clients

  • Landlord Partnerships: Maintain strong relationships with property managers leasing to ex-offenders.
  • Rent and Utility Assistance: Provide structured assistance to clients who uphold program expectations.

Establishing Employment and Life Skills

  • Employment Partnerships: Maintain relationships with employers to sustainably employ re-entering citizens at a livable wage.
  • Professional and Social Skill Building: Employment retention through impulse control, emotional resilience, decision-making.
  • Budgeting and financial literacy training.

Restoring Families

  • Family Reunification: Parenting skill centered on children’s developmental stages.
  • Partner with local organizations to provide representation in family court.

Providing Clinical Mental Health Services

  • Clinical counseling for ex-offenders.
  • Family therapy for clients reunifying with children.
  • Marital counseling for ex-offenders reconciling with spouse.

Preventing Recidivism

  • Behavioral Health Services: Home-based case management with linkage to community-based services.
  • Coordinate with court officials to maintain requirements of probation and parole.

Our Impact

remain free from court involvement/recidivism
of ex-offenders secure and maintain permanent housing
of clients retain employment 9+ months after exit