Quality control departments have the difficult challenge of determining what is and is not an acceptable standard.

This determination is based on the level of quality of the inspector and the level of quality of the equipment.

JME Technologies has solved the second challenge. Our level of quality of our borescopes is the very highest.

Above pictured is the Richard Wolf Borescope Kit. The very highest quality rigid borescope.

This allows the inspector to utilize his expertise to precisely separate the accepted part from the rejected part. When a low quality borescope is used for this determination the standard is no longer based on the inspector expertise but is lost due to the poor image quality associated with the low cost borescope product, often costing thousands due to the rejecting of good parts or accepting unacceptable parts.

Hundreds of quality depts. use JME Technologies products to safely make this determination and protect their company’s reputation and maximize their cost reduction.