Machida is a world renowned manufacturer of boresopes since 1965.

Machida flexible borescopes offers the highest level of optics in a flexible fiber-optic borescope. Side by side comparisons at our customers site continually verify the surprising difference. Often our size of our image is 50% larger utilizing the same magnification allowing the scope to cover more area.

Even our small 4mm flexible scope reaches over 36,000 fibers in the image bundle offering crystal clear views.

Our new 4mm 100cm length kit is available under $6000.00 usd complete.

Offering the smallest scopes in the world is standard for Machida as small as .017 flexible for even the smallest holes. A complete package of interchangeable scopes are available at low prices.

When you need the highest quality flexible borescope call us to prove it.

Contact our office by phone, fax, or e-mail to discuss the type of flexible borescope your inspection requires.

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