JME Technologies stocks 1000’s of replacement parts and spare bulbs for borescopes and light sources.

Often our customers call upon JME Technologies to stock shelf ready spare parts and bulbs for their borescope systems.

When the production line is down due to a loss of a simple light source bulb delays can be costly.JME Technologies understands the need to support our customers with shelf ready inventory.This reduces our customers inventory knowing that we can have their spare parts at there door within 24hrs.

Light Sources: Spare parts include light source bulbs,spare light sources,light guides,and fuses.

Borescope Blending: Include spare belts,spare scopes,tip kits, power supplies and fuses.

Borescope General: include light guide adaptors,Flexible guide tubes,eyecups,side view prisms,carrying cases.

Call JME Technologies for your replacements parts and bulbs. We will stock it for you at the lowest prices.