JME Technologies offers a complete line of special application borescopes. Often these scopes originate as custom applications and turn into large complete programs used worldwide.

Our Richard Wolf contact measurement scope allows true measurement when actual contact is verified and confirmed.Used worldwide for borescope blending measurement.

Our elastascope with its ability to always return to its original form at just 2.2mm 0 and 90 degree view,

The unique panaramic view scope allows full 360 degree view.Automotive parts can be checked with one quick view.The light diffuser spreads the light evenly 360 degrees.

Our UV borescopes continue to be used everyday in production lines for aircraft and automotive casting applications.

JME Technologies has solved 100’s of special applications over our 25 year existance.

Our Richard Wolf Borescopes with custom German engineering have solved the most difficult apllications for over 100 years.

Contact measurement scopes, elastastascopes,UV borescopes,and panaramic borescopes are all designed for customers special applications.All customers benefit from these unique product designs worldwide.

Contact JME Technologies for your custom special application borescopes or find out if we have already solved your application.