JME Technologies offers the largest selection of thin borescopes for your applications.

We offer sizes that include from .017 the smallest in the world to our highest resolution 2.7mm rigid scopes. Our ultra thin flexible scopes can be interchanged in sizes and viewing angles reducing costs.

1.5mm,2mm,flexible articulating borescopes? JME Technologies has it!

Our Richard Wolf thin rigid scopes offers the 1.9mm and 2.7mm with 0,25,70, and 90 degree viewing angles and in multiple lengths offering the highest resolution optical view. Connect it to our digital video capture for incredible full screen digital images.

Our (New) Richard Wolf elastascope offers the ultimate in thin scope resolution and durability.With just a 2.2 mm diameter and 0 or 90 degree viewing angle combined with our unique high resolution optics and semi-flex sheathing. The elastascope always returns to it original form.This protects the scope from damage sliding in and out.Production scopes biggest issue.

From the thinnest to the highest resolution we have your thin borescope.JME Technologies is your contact for thin borescopes.