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Gift Giving

LSAM Gift Giving Program

The Lutheran Sports Association of Missouri (LSAM) is established as a non-profit organization. Through the proceeds from the various event entry fees, sales of t-shirts, etc., we are able to provide the facilities, professional referees/judges, activities for the students, awards/trophies, banners, etc. Funds produced from the events are used to assist schools, churches and families through the gift giving program.

Since 2000, we have given more than $20,000 back to the Lutheran community, helping to expand school facilities, assist in missionary work, build new facilities and help families through tragic events. Your attendance and generosity during the LSAM sponsored events is making a difference in the Lutheran community.

The funds are available to all Lutheran schools and churches in Missouri. An application is available below, or contact a board member about your request. As the events grow in popularity, more funds will be available for use in this program in God’s glory. Your continued support of the LSAM events is greatly appreciated as we work together to help our Lutheran family.

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